Scheduling Appointments

The quickest way to guarantee your preferred appointment time is to schedule online at our website here. You can also contact us via phone or text message to schedule appointments. 

Home Preparation

We have put together a home prep checklist here. It is the Client's responsibility to have the property ready for the photo shoot before the appointment. Photographer will adjust minor things such as window coverings, pillows or blinds deemed necessary to better capture the scene(s), as well as move small items that may be distracting in the photos.   

The Photo Shoot

Photographer will do their best to ensure that all significant aspects of the property are photographed unless the condition of said aspect has a negative impact on the property. This shall be left solely up to the photographer’s discretion, unless the agent or homeowner specifically requests specific aspect(s) of the property. 

Areas such as the garage, small closets and tornado shelters are not a shooting priority unless Client gives Photographer direction otherwise. You can add information that you think would help Photographer better prepare for the photo shoot online when scheduling your appointments. Homes up to 3500 square feet include up to 1 hour of shoot time. Homes 3501-4500 square feet include up to 1.5 hour of shoot time. For homes larger than 4500 square feet  length of the photo shoot will be given at the time of your quote. 

Payment and Photo delivery

Our turnaround time is no later than next day after your appointment. Payment is required before photos will be delivered. You can pay with a check the day of your appointment. If payment is not received by your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to view and pay for your photos. You have the option to store your credit card information securely on file for future appointments. If this is the case, your credit card will be processed the day your photos are delivered. 

Our Guarantee

We want you to LOVE your images. If for some reason you don’t, we will make it right. Photographer will re-shoot the property for you free of charge. 


If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please try to do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice before your appointment. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate unforeseen changes in scheduling.  However, it is important that the Photographer is able to uphold all of their scheduled appointments throughout the day.

Once the home has been photographed, the service may not be canceled and payment is due. The client is solely responsible for the preparation and condition of the property to be photographed. If for some reason photographer cannot access the home or the preparation of the property will delay the photographer past the scheduled appointment time, Photographer reserves the right to cancel the appointment and charge a $75 cancelation fee. 

Licensing Rights and Photo Usage

All images produced for Client may be used by that agent for any and all marketing materials, campaigns associated with the property and for the agent’s self-promotion. The photos may also be used by the agent’s parent company for the sole purpose of marketing the specific property photographed. Please note however, that all the images are owned and copyrighted by the photographer, and licensed granted only to the agent and the agent’s parent company and not to any third parties. You may not transfer or sell any of the images. 

If at any time you have questions or concerns please reach out to me.  

Sarah Strunk

405-443-5817  (call or text)