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Home Exterior


Remove vehicles from driveway and front of house

Put garden hoses, tools, toys, basketball goals and bikes out of sight

Lawns should be manicured; trim shrubbery if necessary

Clear pool of debris, toys and cleaners

Clear back yard of pet waste/toys


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Home Interior

Deep clean whole house (vacuum carpet, mop hard floors, countertops, windows)

Remove any sign of pets (bowls, toys etc.)

Declutter and depersonalize

Replace all burned out light bulbs

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Clear counters of food, dish racks and cutting boards

Remove magnets, photos and papers from refrigerator

Hide garbage cans, brooms, mops etc.

Remove any large countertop appliances

Remove dishes from sink


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Clear out items from under the bed that are visible

Put clothes, shoes and laundry baskets out of sight

Declutter nightstands, remove personal items

Put portable fans, heaters and trash bins out of sight

Tidy up desks, remove excess toys and posters

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Clean counters of toothbrushes, razors, medications, deodorant jewelry etc.

Remove excess shampoo bottles and soap from shower and tub

Hide trash bins, scales, and laundry baskets

Hide toilet bowl brush and spare toilet paper rolls


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Staging Tips

Put out fresh towels, folded and hung neatly

Use a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers to add color in the kitchen

Use lightbulbs of the same temperature in every room